Limited Liability company "METALSUKRAINE CORP LTD" created on the basis of stevedoring terminal # 2 of Odessa Commercial Sea Port started its activity on August 1, 1993.

The main activity of the company is loading of cargoes received by railroad (vehicle) to seagoing vessels.

The facilities are geared to handle bulk steel products like billets, slabs, plates, sheet in coils, sized sheets in packets, deformed bars, wire rod in coils, pig iron, steel ingots, scrap, bulk cargoes, 
grain, heavy equipment packed or unpacked, bagged cargo, bundles or soft containers, etc.

The loading rate from 5000 to 15000 mt per day is provided. It provides loading rate (depending on the type of cargo) to 20,000 tons / day.

Owing to a well developed cargo base, effective handling facilities, highly qualified specialists and efficient management the company maintains its annual turnover at a stable level of more than 2 million tons per year.

Average monthly turnover of goods is about 200 000 mt.

Ships up-to 45 thousand capacity with a draft of up to 11.5 meters can be handled at the two berths. The total length of both piers is more than 600 meters.

Berth characteristics:

Berth Length, m Max draft, m
 # 7 359 11,5
 # 8 287 9,2

Open storage area -  35,000 m2
Warehouses area   -   3 122 m2.


Kind of equipment Quantity Carrying capacity, tons
Crane 14 5-10-20-40
Fork lift truck 37 1,5-22
Drop-frame trailer 12/28 40

The application of modern technology and various special and universal cargo clamps and tackles provides high efficiency and quality of cargo handling, optimal use of the useful area of ship's cargo compartments.