LLC "METALSUKRAINE CORP LTD" is one of Odessa port's largest stevedoring company well-founded with modern handling equipment, which can handle different kinds of export and import rolled ferrous metals efficiently and qualitatively.

  • steel billets

  • debars

  • steel plates, coils, sheets

  • wire rods

  • slabs

  • profiled iron and so on

  • Loading/unloading of vessels with cargo capacity up to 40-45 thousand tons is carried out on two berths with total length over 600 meters and depth from 9,3 to 11,5 m.

    Open storage area of 18300 m2 and covered warehouse of 4820 m2 permit to accumulate cargo consignments and to store up to 200 000 mt of metal products simultaneously.

    Handling is carrying out by cranes with cargo capacity from 10 up to 40 mt and by 37 forklifts with cargo capacity from 1,5 up to 22 mt. Loading rate from 1500 up to 4500 mt per day is provided.

                                                GARGOES STUFFING

    LLC "METALSUKRAINE CORP LTD" stuffing / unstuffing logs, different packaged, bulk, and grain cargoes.

    Also our company is the first in Odessa port has developed and implemented technology of accumulation (by railway and tracks) with a further shipment of logs onto vessels.